Cicada Garden and Plant Protection Mesh Net

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The Cicada Defender Plant and Garden Protection Net is designed to protect your herbs, flowers, trees, vegetables and other plants from cicadas. Unlike other nets, the Cicada Defender Net is durable enough to withstand Cicadas and is fine enough to protect from smaller insects

  • This premium net can be to protect your garden and plants from birds and insects
  • Made from Waterproof materials to ensure corrosion and oxidation resistance 
  • Premium materials and light-weight construction allow it to be used repeatedly.
  • Vegetables may be covered year-round from planting to harvest
  • Various sizes available
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Free shipping and handling!

Instructions: Lay the net flat over garden bed, allowing enough slack for the growth of the crop. Bury the edges or secure with pegs ensuring there are no gaps

**Steel Stakes for Net Sold Separately**